The UniverseTarot Of Timeless Truth has been a popular choice for tarot enthusiasts around the world. We would like to thank all of our supporters and customers. We have been overwhelmed by your response!

Tarot Of Timeless draws upon ancient Northern European culture and largely nature based images to convey truths that span the course of human experience. Together with rich color and imagery, runes, astrology and crystals, Tarot Of Timeless Truth is a profoundly intuitive deck that has been enjoyed by beginners and experts alike.

Tarot Of Timeless Truth's distribution is now nearing an end. There are only a few decks left so if you have been thinking about getting one for yourself, don't wait too long! We are working on a new deck, Age Of Wisdom Tarot, that will draw upon the foundation laid in Tarot Of Timeless Truth and take tarot to the next level. Please stay tuned for further developments.

A final note -- If you are looking for those wonderful online readings, they are being re-programmed and will appear on the new Age Of Wisdom website (which is currently under construction.) Please check back for updates. We will definitely post a notice here when the online readings become available. Thanks for your patience!

Thank-you for visiting us. Please come back soon!